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Betting PDC World Champs 2 January 2017


I was pleased to pick 4 out of 4 in the quarter finals. Van Barneveld was stronger mentally than Taylor. In my opinion if you look at Taylor he does not look well.I wonder if he has health issues.

Michael Van Gerwen v Raymond Barneveld.

Everyone will pick Michael Van Gerwen to win. If I had any sense I would to. But I am not I am going for Barneveld. Raymond beats MVG every now and then and it seems the bigger the event the more likely. To me they have like a father son relationship. It is like Raymond is the Dad and Michael is the son. It was a bit like Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis. for a while. The son finds it hard to beat the dad. Raymond will win if he keeps up with Michael and matches him. If it is close then he can win because he will have it more together at the crucial points. If Michael gets too far ahead then Michael will smash him. So it is more about what Raymond will do than what Michael will do. I have gone with heart here rather than the head and picked Raymond but could so easily be wrong.

Gary Anderson v Peter Wright

This game will  be close. Wright is playing as well as Anderson in my opinion. Gary will be the favourite. I am only going for Wright because the bet pays better and I picked Wright at the begining of the tournament to win it. It should be close which ever way it goes.

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Advantage of a Flat Throw


There is an advantage to a flat dart throw which leaves the dart at 90 degrees to the dart board surface or close to it. Nearly all the leading players darts hit the board at a shallow angle close to 90 degrees or 90 degrees. A particular good example is Phil Taylor.

When the dart arrives at those angles there are less chance of a bounce out. A flatter throw is generally a harder throw. The end of the dart has a greater surface area to hit in the target and you are less likely to hit the edge of the scoring rings and bounce out. The face of the scoring ring is about 1 mm but the edge can be 2 mm.

The player with the steepest angle in the board of the professional players is Brendan Dolan. Sometimes they look about 45 degrees. I have always though he could do better to either throw the dart harder or flatter or change his dart set up so the dart landed closer to the 90 degrees. If you watch him he seems to get more than his share of bounce outs. The steeper angle indicates a softer lobbed throw so less potential penetration into the board and the end of the dart can more easily hit the edge of the metal scoring ring.




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Betting PDC World Darts Championships 31/12/16


Today I picked 5 out of 6. Not much good if you have a multi.  Chisnall played better than I thought and Klaasan played worse. For tommorrow I am again going mostly with favourites but for one game.

Gary Anderson v Dave Chisnall

Anderson comfortably.

James Wade v Peter Wright

Wright should win as he has been so consistent with the 100 plus averages. But you never know with Wade. Still I give it to Wright.

Michael Van Gerwen v Daryl Gurney

It would be a major upset for Van Gerwen not to win. He should be too good.

Raymond Van Barneveld v Phil Taylor.

There is not much difference when they are both playing well. I am giving it to Barneveld.He sounds and looks stronger mentally in the TV interviews also this is first to 5 sets and not 4 sets. Taylor seems to get tired or run out of steam when the games go long plus it is the last game of the evening.



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Betting PDC Darts Championships 30/12/16


Only 4 out of 6 picks right for me in round just gone. I under estimated Klaasen. Not so disappointed in not picking Barneveld as it was close as people expected and could have gone either way. Even though Dolan was beaten 4 – 0 by Klassen three sets went to 3 to 2. So that was reasonable close also.

Tommorrow I am going all the favourites but for one game.

Mark Webster versus Daryl Gurney

I am going for Gurney. He has scored better and finished better in his games than Webster has. It should be close though.

Dave Chisnall v Jelle Klaasen

I do not think Chisnall is scoring as well as he has in the past so I am going for Klaasen. Chisnall is a faster player than Dolan so that will help Klaasen as well. Chisnall is the favourite.

James Wade v Michael Smith

Wade is scoring and finishing better than Smith so I am going for Wade to win.

Peter Wright v Ian White

Wright is playing a class above White at present.

Phil Taylor v Kim Huybrechts

Phil did not play that well against Painter but he will get back to form against Huybrechts. Phil does not like Huybrechts because of the celebrating so Phil will not let him win. I do not like Huybrechts either so will be glad to see him go.

Michael Van Gerwen v Darren Webster

Webster has been playing okay but Michael will still smack him.

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Clash Of Dates: Australian Grand Masters and Taranaki Open all on Weekend of July 1st

I do not know anything about the Taranaki Open other than what is printed on the poster below. I did notice they have a teams event which sounds awesome especially with the money they are offering. They may have trouble getting any of the Australian players coming if that was their intention because the dates clash with the Australian Grand Masters. It make matters a little more confusing that the New Zealand Dart Council on it’s calendar has not got a firm date for the event. It does says date to be advised. So I am not sure if dates in poster are firm. Anyone out there know for sure?taranaki-darts-open