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Money To Be Made In NZ Darts


There is more money to be won in New Zealand Darts now than I can remember in a long time. The opportunity is there with  the prize money offered in New Zealand Dart Council events,  the Mad On Darts tour, the Western Bay Singles, Clubs NZ Island and Nationals tournaments and Dart Players NZ Grand Prix circuit. If you were a male player good enough to win  all the singles events then  you would make close to 30 thousand dollars.

The Mad on Darts tour have 10 singles events with a $1000 first prize to give $10,000. The New Zealand Dart Council offer 11 open singles events with an average of about $900 which is  $9,900, the Western Bay singles offer $3000 first prize and Dart Players New Zealand offer 8 Grand Prix singles at $500 to make $4000, Club NZ Nationals and Islands singles events might add another $1600. It all comes to $28,500. Throw in all the pairs and mixed pair titles and few of the exhibition type events like the Bank Classic and potential earnings for someone who never lost would be between $40 and $50 thousand dollars. Expenses with travel, accommodation and entry fees would probably chew through half.

Of course winning events opens the door to international opportunities which in turn pays more again.

The money in the womens events is probably half. A good lady player who won everything should go past $10,000 and might get to $20,000 before expenses.

It might be interesting to work out which NZ male and NZ female player in any given year won the most money.



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