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Stats From Cash Converters Players Championship Finals 2017


This article is for you duffel coat wearing trainspotters who  like statistics. I never really liked the way they are usually compiled with the three dart average.The double percentage I find interesting so going along those lines I created just an accuracy statistic. It is a slightly different way to measure performance in relation to the other player than the three dart average.

The accuracy statistic is the number of darts thrown divided by the number that hit the intended target and divided by 100 to give an accuracy percentage. For example in this match where Dave Chisnall played Michael Van Gerwen and lost 9 to 3 his accuracy percentage is 42%.  That means he was playing at a level where 42 darts out of a 100 thrown hit the target. Michael Van Gerwen’s accuracy statistic was 52% or you could say 52 darts out of  every 100 thrown hit the target. That target might be a treble, double, single or bull.

Some other stats below;

MVG winning legs 13,18,13,18,10,13,10,15,13,14 and 11. ( 3 dart average 108.34)

MVG darts thrown 187. Darts to hit target 97. 187  divided  by 97 = 1.927. 100 divided by 1.927 = 52% accuracy.

Chisnall winning legs 15,13 and 17 ( 3 dart average 99.24)

Chisnall darts thrown 189. Darts to hit target 79. 189/79 = 2.392. 100/2.392 = 42% accuracy.

You could say that MVG over the course of the match hit the target 97 – 79 = 18 more times than Chisnall did. They played 12 legs so on average Michael hit the target 18/12 1.5 times more per leg than Chisnall did. Per leg over the course of a match that is a big difference.

If you read this far you definitely own a duffel coat.



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