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TV Times To Watch Warren Parry Play

Warren Parry is playing the dutch player Jerry Hendricks at about 8am Saturday morning, 17 December 2016 on Skysport 2. Other people have posted 7am. I am relying on Skywatch magazine and the TAB cut off time for betting to give you 8am so I hope I am right.

Jerry Hendricks is a dutch player who held a PDC tour card in 2013 and 2014 but does not have one now. His best result in the PDC world championships was last 32 in 2013.

The winner gets to play Peter Wright, world number 3, later in the that same morning to get into the last 32.

Good luck Wazza you will have a lot of people watching and wishing you all the best back here in New Zealand. Make history and be the first New Zealander to get past the first game in the main round.

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