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Opinion: NZDC , Clubs NZ Darts and DPNZ Working Together


Every now and then when at different dart events in New Zealand I have heard players suggest that Clubs NZ, DPNZ and NZDC  should amalgamate. They feel that would be a benefit having one organisation that governs and administers all of NZ darts.

There would be some advantages to it. Economically that one organisation with a larger combined player base would have larger revenue. That gives them the opportunity to do more.

You would not need as many officials and we could even have a full time paid officials . I know how hard many of the officials work for these organisations having to balance work and family life around their service to the darts community. Having some paid officials would be in line with other sports in NZ. It means more time could be devoted to long term planning for the sport and so on.

A second advantage would be some rationalisation of the darting calendars with more uniformity in the rules.

Of course if you have been around N Z darts long enough you know this will never happen. Each of the organisations is run slightly differently and each has a slightly different ethos. They could be compared  to socialism and capitalism in some ways.Two of the organisations have elected officials and  a third is bit more like a private company. NZDC offers financial support to clubs that host their events and DPNZ charge clubs for holding their events and so on.

I have never been in favour of amalgamation for two reasons. Inevitably if you have one organisation at some point a section of the dart community will feel aggrieved about some issue and would start a rival organisation anyway. At least with three organisations players if they feel upset about something they can just play elsewhere than where they are at currently. The second reason is competitive tension. Just like rivals in business having more than one organisation stops complacency and sees people seeking to improve what they do and offer.

Just my opinion.


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