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Second Round PDC World Championship Betting


Ian White v Johnny Clayton

There was not much difference between these two players with their scoring in the first round games. With doubles Clayton was poor and White good. It will be close if Clayton hits his doubles if he dosen’t then White should win.

Michael Smith v Mervyn King

Smith should win easy. I watched King in the first round and in my opinion he was drunk. He is a nervy player and compensates with drink. I have watched him in the past and occassionally noticed a slight stumble in his gait and if you look at his eyes he looks pretty full. Smith should be too good.

Benito Van De Pas v Terry Jenkins

The TAB have De Pas as favourite in a close game. I am picking Jenkins because he had an accuraccy rating of 40.38 versus De Pas’s 38.34. De Pas did hit his doubles better but I think Jenkins experience will come through plus his scoring was better than De Pas.

Simon Whitlock v Darren Webster.

If Whitlock plays like he did in first round he will smash Webster.

Gary Anderson v Andrew Gilding.

Anderson will smash Gilding. No contest.

Adrian Lewis v Joe Cullen

The TAB have picked Lewis as the favourite. I think he looks out of sorts like his mind is not really on the job. Cullen if he plays like he did against Cadby in the first round will win.





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