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NZ Largest Dart League ?


The Minute Man Dart league in the Greater Boston area of the United States is porportedly the largest steel tip dart league in the world with over 350 teams divided into 4 geographical areas and up to 13 divisions in each area.They may have had 10,000 registered players at one stage. I beleive there income is such that they have full time paid officials. You would need that. Just being the recorder for that many teams would be full time as well as jobs like taking entries and so on.

It made me wonder what is NZ’s largest dart league. The Auckland Chartered Club Darts Association league which I play in on a Wednesday night has 27 teams over 3 divisions and I beleive is the largest in Auckland. It probably has 120 to 150 players. There are three seperate Saturday leagues run by City of Sails, Auckland Darts Association and ACCDA. They would if combined have more players but I doubt any one has 27 teams.

Does anyone know of a larger league in New Zealand?  Please share your information in the comments.

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