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Betting For PDC Champs 29 December 2016


I managed 6 out of 6 in the last round so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. I predicted Webster to cause the upset and he did. Time to see if I can pick 6 out of 6 for tommorrow. It is harder tommorrow with some games easily going either way.

Kim Huybrechts v Max Hopp

The TAB have Huybrechts as favourite at $1.35 and Hopp at $3.00. I think it is closer than that and there is not much difference in form between both. I will go for Huybrechts even though I do not like him as a player and prefer Hopp.

James Wade v Steve Beaton

Wade is scoring a little better than Beaton and Wade always finishes well so I am going for Wade who is favourite.

Jelle Klaasen v Brendan Dolan

Klassen is the $1.30 favourite and Dolan is paying $3.30. Again I think this is closer than odds suggest with their scoring and finishing similar. I am going for Dolan because he is a slow player and that may upset Klassen’s rhythm who plays better when he gets chance to play fast. I have seen Dolan go slower than he normally does against fast players so expect him to do it if he sees advantage in it.

Peter Wright v Jamie Lewis

Easy game for Wright who will smash Lewis.

Gary Anderson v Benito Van De Pas

Easy win for Anderson

Adrian Lewis v Raymond Van Barneveld

The TAB have both players at $1.87. I agree it will be close. I thought Lewis would loose his last game and was wrong and surprised how well he went. I prefer Barneveld to win but I am going for Lewis just.

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