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Most Popular Double at PDC Darts Championships


Something for those that like statistics. Over the first 100 legs of the 2017 PDC World Darts Championships the most popular double was D20 being hit 29 times. Full list below;

Bullseye x 3

D20 x 29, D10 x 11, D5 x 7

D19 x 1

D18 x 2, D9 x 1

D17 x 0

D16 x 12, D8 x 6, D4 x 5, D2 x 6, D1 x 3

D15 x 1

D14 x 1

D13 x 0

D12 x 6, D6 x 3, D3 x 1

D11 x 1

50% of the time players go the double tops route and about 25% of the time it is the D16 route with everything else making up the remaining 25%.


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