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Second Round betting PDC World Champs


My last bets did not go too well. I only picked 3 from 6. They say to be a successful sports bettor you need to win at least 66% or 2 out of three bets. Here are my picks for Wednesday 13 December.

Mensur Suljovic v Mark Webster

The TAB have Mensur as the favourite. It should be close. I am giving it to Webster as his averages are close to Mensur and he gets the occassion upset. Plus I prefer him to watch as a player. Not for any other reason. It is 50/50 really.

Robert Thornton v Daryl Gurney

Gurney has been playing much better than Thornton so should take it.

David Chisnall v Chris Dobey

Chisnall should win as he is a better scorer.

Raymond Van Barneveld v Alan Norris.

Raymond has been playing much better than Norris so should do it.

Phil Taylor v Kevin Painter.

Taylor is a class above Painter who has not played great for years. Not on TV anyway.

Michael Van Gerwen v Christo Reyes.

Michael to win but Reyes to put up a fight.




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