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Betting PDC Darts Championships 30/12/16


Only 4 out of 6 picks right for me in round just gone. I under estimated Klaasen. Not so disappointed in not picking Barneveld as it was close as people expected and could have gone either way. Even though Dolan was beaten 4 – 0 by Klassen three sets went to 3 to 2. So that was reasonable close also.

Tommorrow I am going all the favourites but for one game.

Mark Webster versus Daryl Gurney

I am going for Gurney. He has scored better and finished better in his games than Webster has. It should be close though.

Dave Chisnall v Jelle Klaasen

I do not think Chisnall is scoring as well as he has in the past so I am going for Klaasen. Chisnall is a faster player than Dolan so that will help Klaasen as well. Chisnall is the favourite.

James Wade v Michael Smith

Wade is scoring and finishing better than Smith so I am going for Wade to win.

Peter Wright v Ian White

Wright is playing a class above White at present.

Phil Taylor v Kim Huybrechts

Phil did not play that well against Painter but he will get back to form against Huybrechts. Phil does not like Huybrechts because of the celebrating so Phil will not let him win. I do not like Huybrechts either so will be glad to see him go.

Michael Van Gerwen v Darren Webster

Webster has been playing okay but Michael will still smack him.

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