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Betting PDC World Darts Championships 31/12/16


Today I picked 5 out of 6. Not much good if you have a multi.  Chisnall played better than I thought and Klaasan played worse. For tommorrow I am again going mostly with favourites but for one game.

Gary Anderson v Dave Chisnall

Anderson comfortably.

James Wade v Peter Wright

Wright should win as he has been so consistent with the 100 plus averages. But you never know with Wade. Still I give it to Wright.

Michael Van Gerwen v Daryl Gurney

It would be a major upset for Van Gerwen not to win. He should be too good.

Raymond Van Barneveld v Phil Taylor.

There is not much difference when they are both playing well. I am giving it to Barneveld.He sounds and looks stronger mentally in the TV interviews also this is first to 5 sets and not 4 sets. Taylor seems to get tired or run out of steam when the games go long plus it is the last game of the evening.



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