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Betting PDC World Champs 2 January 2017


I was pleased to pick 4 out of 4 in the quarter finals. Van Barneveld was stronger mentally than Taylor. In my opinion if you look at Taylor he does not look well.I wonder if he has health issues.

Michael Van Gerwen v Raymond Barneveld.

Everyone will pick Michael Van Gerwen to win. If I had any sense I would to. But I am not I am going for Barneveld. Raymond beats MVG every now and then and it seems the bigger the event the more likely. To me they have like a father son relationship. It is like Raymond is the Dad and Michael is the son. It was a bit like Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis. for a while. The son finds it hard to beat the dad. Raymond will win if he keeps up with Michael and matches him. If it is close then he can win because he will have it more together at the crucial points. If Michael gets too far ahead then Michael will smash him. So it is more about what Raymond will do than what Michael will do. I have gone with heart here rather than the head and picked Raymond but could so easily be wrong.

Gary Anderson v Peter Wright

This game will  be close. Wright is playing as well as Anderson in my opinion. Gary will be the favourite. I am only going for Wright because the bet pays better and I picked Wright at the begining of the tournament to win it. It should be close which ever way it goes.

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