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Highlights From DPNZ Men’s Grandprix held at Glen Eden Earlier today

Cody Harris defeated Lou Tai 7 to 1 in the final. I did not collect any statistics as I was too busy chalking but a highlight was seeing Cody hit 5 x 180 in the final and Lou hitting one of his own. I think Cody’s 180’s for the tournament were at 13 before the final so he ended up with 18 which is a pretty mean feat.

Highest finish I believe was Rob Szabo hitting 164 whilst playing Lou Tai in a semi final.

Some stats from the other semi final between Cody and Mick Lacey I did capture.

Game Score: Cody Harris 6 legs Mick Lacey 2 legs

Cody winning legs: 20, 19, 15, 14, 15 and 16 darts.

Mick winning legs: 11 and 17 darts.

Cody scoring: 100 x 4, 120+ x 3, 140 x 9, 180 x 2

Mick Scoring: 100 x 5, 120+ x 2, 171 x 1, 180 x 1

Cody finishing: 5, 40, 71, 59, 70 and 20

Mick Finishing: 16 and 56

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Some statistics from Tina Osborne versus Wendy Harper at the DPNZ Ladies Grand Prix Final Earlier Today

Game score: Tina Osborne 6 Wendy Harper 3

Tina’s winning legs 23, 22, 23, 18, 22  and 21 darts.

Wendy’s winning legs 18, 26 and 24 darts.

Tina’s scoring. 8 x 100, 3 x 120+, 1 x 140

Wendy’s scoring 10 x 100,  1 x 180.

Tina’s finishes: 43, 24, 20, 54, 40 and 40.

Wendy’s finishes: 72, 16 and 66.

Only 9 ladies entered to play so that was pretty disappointing for the organisers but seems to be a trend in the DPNZ events. The men only had 37 entries.

The event was run by Duncan Ellis, DPNZ director . He and his assistants   did a great job with everything in the men’s and ladies events going very smoothly.



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DPNZ Players Notice



To all Players, Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Kaiapoi Club has had to withdraw from hosting the tournament and will no longer hold this year’s Grand Prix 4

So this notice is to notify you the player about the transfer of DPNZ’s Grand Prix 4 from Kaiapoi WMC into the Hornby WMC & MSA.

Please note there will now be a change of date and time for Grand Prix 4, which will be played in place of the Hornby 3s on Sunday the 9th of April at 10.00am.

DPNZ do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.