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Opinion: Collection and Publication of Stats in NZ Darts

There have been a lot of great things happen in NZ darts in recent years. There has been more money, more events and opportunity for top players to be on TV more often.

One thing that has been poor or not so much poor but not improved on is the recording of statistics and publishing of the results. NZDC, Club NZ and DPNZ keep good records of winners of events but not so much the statistics of the games.

Just watching the PDC World Championships and the BDO world championships they give the collection of statistics a lot more importance and leave a public record that can be researched.

In NZ at present a NZ player could throw a NZ record average in a final of a singles event and no one would know because there are no past records kept or published to compare it to. Were the players of the 70’s and the 80’s better than the better players of today. Who knows. You just rely on the anecdotes of those who were there at the time.

In my opinion it would be a great move forward if the NZDC, DPNZ and CLUB NZ either together or seperately created some sort of NZ database for recording of stats of games to creat a permanent record. Besides of being interest to the players it would be of help to those charged with selecting representative teams.

Just my opinion.

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