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ACCDA Wednesday Night Draw Is Out

The Auckland Chartered Club Darts Association Wednesday night league draw is out and available to view and print at .

Play commences 1st March with 33 teams entered up from 27 last year and three divisions of 11 for the promotion relegation round. This has to be the biggest league in Auckland at the moment.

I am personally looking forward to another great season.

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Rangitikei Club Closes

This club hosted a Clubs NZ North Island Darts Championship a few years ago. It is sad to see it is folding. The article below is from the Manawatu Standard.

In a letter to members, Beazely said the club faced outstanding debt of $59,000, including $18,720 owed to IRD and $11,045 of payments to staff. On top of that, almost $25,932 worth of taxes, wages and bills was due by the end of March.

Feilding’s Rangitikei Club building sold to an undisclosed buyer
Rangitikei Club back on track with offer for headquarters sale
* Rangitikei Club’s financial strife revealed in letter asking for $50k loan
 Rangitikei Club votes to sell its premises

The club’s accounts contained $5,114 on Friday. Other financial statements showed it made a loss of $109,811 in the year to January.

The Rangitikei Club is expected to close on Thursday.

Warwick Smith

The Rangitikei Club is expected to close on Thursday.

“All calls to [the] committee to find an investor or secure an overdraft facility or [get] any help whatsoever have fallen on deaf ears,” Beazley said in the letter.

“I am of the opinion [the committee] are personally liable for the club operations should receivers be called in. The club president has been informed many times on the financial situation facing the club, but I have never received a response.”

President Rose Shearer did not respond to requests for comment, but in a letter to club members in January last year said the club was “in deep doo-doo financially … so deep we are almost too scared to open our mouths”.

She had taken on the role in August 2015, and wanted see all efforts to save the club “with the resources left to us”.

Efforts to save it included reducing operating losses and selling the group’s Feilding club rooms for $520,000 in April last year. The club then leased the ground floor back.

Members also gave it a temporary cash injection of about $25,000 while the sale was being finalised, Shearer said.

The club’s financial woes go back at least as far as 2012, when the premises and land were put up for sale.

Colin Waller said he’d been a member for 38 years, as had several people with him on Saturday night playing billiards.

There would be nowhere left in Feilding to play after the closure.

Waller and a number of patrons said the closure was not due to any one single issue, but was the inevitable result of changing times.

It had fallen victim to the same social changes and shift in drinking patterns that brought the end of many other clubs about the country, he said.

“It’s very sad, but we have more than 1000 members, where were they tonight?”

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