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Letter from Clubs NZ To All Members




Clubs New Zealand Darts Association would like to take this golden opportunity in congratulating each and every one of you members throughout the country, also your Clubs upon reaching this mile stone within our Association. We have come a long way from those very early days with a lot of water which has passed under the bridge, and may it keep flowing strong for the next 50 years. We, Clubs New Zealand Darts Association are an association with no place or Club rooms of fixed abode. As I see it, now is the time to call for any photos or stories that you members out there may have to bring to the table at this year’s Islands, so that we may consider the use of them within the Jubilee Book which we are seeking to produce. This is maybe the only way that we will have an Association archive to look back on, plus a generalization of history over the last 50 years, which requires history, photos and stories from both sides of the fence. If your photo has a story, feel free to please include it. Please keep in mind that this Jubilee is the National Jubilee, when you are hunting out that old memorabilia to bring with you, remember that both Island Jubilee’s will be following over the next few years. In closing we wish all players and supporters the very best attending this year’s SouthIsland & North-Island Championships, safe travel. Regards CNZDA

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