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Auckland Masters Qualifiers in August 2017

A decision to be made for some players with this being on the same week as the NZDC Nationals in Motueka. It may come down to what players consider cheaper to get to.

16 thoughts on “Auckland Masters Qualifiers in August 2017

  1. Not good clashing with long established events.

  2. With you on that Craig Dunn the nzdc nationals date has been the same for at least 20 years

  3. This is gona be INTERESTING

  4. Why is there such competition between DPNZ and Council darts. People just want to play darts. Politics :(. Im with you too Craig Dunn

    1. The club I play for had a committee that is anti council. I introduced a council team this year and people are on board. In the end, people just want to play darts. So let them play darts, what’s the harm?

    2. I agree nev. just play darts. its a shame people have to choose because there is always a looser when that happens

    3. if the PDC put these dates out .why are they not on there website…another bullshit descision

  5. Good thing I’m not going to the nationals hahahaha

  6. Not that I’ll make the last 124 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. already committed to go to nats….change the rules again…at this rate they wont have any players…who cares anyhow

    1. Good on ya cowboy c u Saturday mate

    2. Same as you cowboy, already committed. Which is a shame, would have loved to have seen a really strong playoff. But now I can’t see it happening

    3. lucky..was just about to book flights and secure accomodation…i wont now..saves me some dollars….anyhow …we so backward in NZ at going forwards…

  8. must be a back lash thing…heard heeap off crap at old bank classic….putting darts first again in NZ..its like a bad TUI Add..yeah right..

  9. Here we bloody go again, DPNZ what’s up with you lot DAM interfeering with Darts Council Nationals. So over this lot, why do you guy’s make the Players choose where they wanna play when all you had to do was check their Calendar, I hope no one turns up, dammit. So fricken annoyed.

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