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Mangere Cosmopolitan Club Renovated Darts Area

I was playing darts at the Mangere Cosmopolitan Club last night in the Auckland Chartered Club Wednesday night league and was very impressed with the way they have renovated their dart board area. They have put in the ring style LED lighting on every board. As far as I know it is the only club in the Auckland area to go to complete LED lighting as opposed to the more traditional lighting. It looks awesome and is great to play on. Certainly the wave of the future. The photo is not good. I took 6 but because of all the light it was hard to get a good shot with a phone camera. That is my excuse anyway.

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Mad On Darts Tour 2017 Flying High



The Mad on Darts Tour continues to grow from strength to strength with another two successful tournaments so far this year backing up the four events of 2016. On average Mad on Darts attracts more than 85 players per singles tournament and 41 pairs which cements us as the most participated darts tour in New Zealand through a calendar year with the largest combined prize pool of $46,000, these numbers are impressive already, but the way things are going these will only increase, clubs are reaping the benefit as are the players and the darts sections who work hard to facilitate us.

Our first venture to the South Island was a huge success by both the players and the club, we will certainly be looking at more South Island events in 2018 so if your club is interested please contact us.

Over $4000 in prize money per tournament is handed out along with raffle prizes and spot prizes ensuring plenty of winners each weekend, our policy is to create a fun playing environment for players of all standards, any gender and all ages.

Although it is not necessary to be a Mad on Darts member, it does come with a few advantages like 5% discount from DartsNZ online store, early bird pricing to ALL Mad on Darts singles events for that year plus entry into the $100 Membership draw. The card comes at a cost of just $10 per year, we make absolutely nothing on the sale of the card, all proceeds of the sale go to the Mad on Darts trust fund which will help with the cost of overseas travel for players representing New Zealand on the world stages, some already get funding, some don’t, we want to make sure everyone is looked after, so if you want to be a part of the Mad on Darts family and help our players then please look at buying a membership card from DartsNZ.

At the time of writing we have 82 single entries and 38 pairs pre registered for the first Mad on Darts event held at Brezz n Bar Gisborne, this looks like being a big one so if you have the opportunity to get there we would love to see you, if you would like to pre register please follow the link on our Maddog Facebook page.

As always the competition is hard as we attract some of the best players in New Zealand, the likes of Cody Harris, Mark McGrath, Craig Caldwell, Mark Cleaver, John Kelly, Mick Lacey, Warren Parry, Mike Day, Bernie Smith and Tony Carmichael to name but a few, these players are just a few of many, without the other 75 players that travel and take the time to attend we would not have anything like the success we do, so it’s a big thanks to every single player that has ever attended a Mad on Darts event, you all have a part to play and we are as excited to see you as anyone.

We also understand that players and the public need regular updates and we are forever looking at ways of making life as easy as possible for the players playing and the players unable to attend, we now have live updates available via Facebook from registration, through Section play, main round, consolation and eventually the final. These are easily accessible by following Facebook pages of Maddog Promotions and DartsNZ, so if you haven’t LIKED these pages yet, please do, that way we can keep you all up to date.

From Gisborne we travel to Te Kuiti, Whanganui, Te Puna, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Hamilton, Napier and finally finishing of again in Taranaki. All the dates are available at or any of the Facebook pages mentioned above.

We will continue to work tirelessly to give the New Zealand darting public the best events we possibly can, plans for an improved 2018 are in progress and we are excited by them, we would be foolish to think we know everything and that we had the perfect tournament model, far from it. We will continue to communicate, to be transparent and to be the best we can. If any of you have any ideas on what we can improve on we are all ears … like I said before, we are learning with you to create the best experience possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update and we look forward to seeing you all through 2017, stay safe, throw well and enjoy every minute of your darts wherever you may play.

Kind regards
Howard & Mags
Craig & Jo
Mad on Darts

The home of all New Zealand Darts information. We offer darts gear and very quick delivery for all your darting needs!
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New Zealand Dart Council 60 years old This Year

The New Zealand Darts Council was formed as an incorporated society on 23rd July 1957 and will be 60 years old this year. They had their first national championships which just involved men in 1958 and women began to play in 1960. In 1974 they were one of the 15 founding countries that formed the World Darts Federation. They have served the NZ dart players and world darts well.

Happy Birthday NZDC. Well done to all the officials who have served the NZ dart players through the years and done it for no more than the love of the game and love of the players. Well done to all the players who have been members of their associations, region teams, North and South Island teams, representative teams, NZ teams and competed. You all deserve a big pat on the back.

I would love to see the NZDC commission an historian to write their history. This coming anniversary would be a great time to consider it.

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Well Built Dartboard Stands

When I played at the DPNZ Harrows Grand Prix held at the Papakura Club recently I was very impressed with the dartboard stands pictured.  They do not look much in the picture but when you get up close and examine how well built they are, how the parts interlock for easy assembly and disassembly they are quite impressive.They were made by the Papakura Club Dart Section.  There are another 4 boards on the other side. It was one of the better and more well built examples I have ever seen.  If you need some stands for any upcoming tournaments it would be worth while approaching the dart section at Papakura to see if you could hire them. I doubt you find better.

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DPA Announcement

Harrows ALH Australasian Championships Update

Dartplayers Australia is proud to announce that the 2017 Harrows ALH Australasian Championships at the Macquarie Inn Dubbo will include, for the first time, a fully indigenous team made up of Australian and New Zealand Indigenous dart players.

The competition will include returning teams from the inaugural competition in 2016. New Zealand with DPNZ have sides from the North and South islands whilst Australia has teams from the ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia (a team from the Northern Territory was also invited.) Each team is made up of eight male and six female representatives.

The competition will be played out from October 28th until November 4th 2017 at the Macquarie Inn Dubbo and includes the annual Test Match for the Stewart-Frampton trophy, the Oceanic Darts Masters (the winner of which gains entry into the PDC World Championships in London at the Alexandra Palace) and singles, doubles and teams events that tally up to determine the winning team.

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King Of The Board – Results Week 2

Most Wins: Mike Day (9), Ken Moir (8), Emma Heavey (6), Stacey Heavey (6), Frank Riddell (5),  Dave Jenkins (4), Gary Whyte (4), Peter Page (4), Hemi Johnson (3), Jim Hennah (3), Billie Johnson (3)Grant Douglas (2), Bill Johnson (2), Pete Smith (1), Llloyd Watters (1), Sharmaine Watters (1)

Best Leg: Ken Moir 11 darts

Most 180’s : Ken Moir (5), Mike Day (3), Stacey Heavey (3), Frank Riddell (2), Hemi Johnson (2), Pete Smith (2), Bill Johnson (1), Peter Page (1), Gary Whyte (1)

100+ Finishes : Mike Day (2), Dave Jenkins (2), Hemi Johnson (1), Ken Moir (1), Gary Whyte (1)

Players: 14

Prize Pool: $78

Play Finished: 10.36 pm