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Results: Week One King Of The Board: West City

Prize Pool : $36.00

Players: 12

Most Wins:

5- Stacey Heavey, Mike Day

4 -Ken Moir, Emma Heavey

3 -Hemi Johnson, Billie Johnson

2 -Frank Riddell

1 -Peter Page, Grant Douglas, Lloyd Watters, Sharmaine Watters

Most 180’s:

2 -Stacey Heavey, Ken Moir, Hemi Johnson

1- Billie Johnson, Frank Ridell

Best Legs:

13 darts – Mike Day, Frank Riddell

Most 100 + finishes: Mike Day (2), Hemi Johnson (1)

Last Game Finished 10.36 pm

Week 2 Monday 27 March $3 entry.

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