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King Of The Board Singles -Results After Week 5

Prize Pool $180

Most Wins: 18 Ken Moir, Frank Riddell, 14 Mike Day, Dave Jenkins, 13 Stacey Heavey, 10 Peter Page, 9 Greg Boyland, 8 Bill Johnson, Hemi Johnson, Emma Heavey, 7 Jim Hennah, Pete Smith, 6 Grant Douglas, Lloyd Watters, 5 Jo Brook, Tom Paul, Gary Whyte,  3 Claudette Smith, Steve Desmond, Nick South, Billie Johnson, 1 Sharmane Watters.

Most 180’s: 13 Ken Moir, 7 Frank Riddell, 5 Stacey Heavey, 4 Dave Jenkins, Mike Day, 3 Gary Whyte, Peter Page, Pete Smith, 2 Greg Boyland, Nick South, Hemi Johnson 1 Jim Hennah, Bill Johnson

100+ Finishes: 5 Dave Jenkins, 3 Gary Whyte, 2  Mike Day, Ken Moir, Jimmy Hennah, Emma Heavey, 1 Frank Riddell, Greg Boyland, Stacey Heavey, Hemi Johnson

Best Leg: Ken Moir 11 darts.

Held Every Monday. All welcome.