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King Of The Board Results Week Three

Jackpot Pool $105

Players 15

Wins: 14 Ken Moir, Mike Day, 10 Frank Riddell, 8 Emma Heavey, Stacey Heavey, Hemi Johnson, 7 Peter Page, 6 Dave Jenkins, 5 Gary Whyte, Tom Paul, Jimmy Hennah, 4 Bill Johnson, 3 Grant Douglas, 2 Pete Smith, 1 Jo Brook.

180’s: 9 Ken Moir, 4 Mike Day, Stacey Heavey, 3 Frank Riddell, Gary Whyte, 2 Hemi Johnson, Pete Smith, 1 Dave Jenkins, Peter Page, Bill Johnson

100+ Finishes: 3 Dave Jemkins, Gary Whyte, 2 Mike Day, Emma Heavey, 1 Ken Moir, Frank Riddell, Stacey Heavey, Hemi Johnson, Jimmy Hennah

Best Leg: Ken Moir 11 darts

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Wynton Marsalis 12 steps of Practice

Marsalis is a jazz musician has been awarded nine Grammys  and his Blood on the Fields was the first jazz composition to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

  1. Seek out instruction: A good teacher will help you understand the purpose of practicing and can teach you ways to make practicing easier and more productive.
  1. Write out a schedule: A schedule helps you organize your time. Be sure to allow time to review the fundamentals because they are the foundation of all the complicated things that come later.
  1. Set goals: Like a schedule, goals help you organize your time and chart your progress…. If a certain task turns out to be really difficult, relax your goals: practice doesnʼt have to be painful to achieve results.
  1. Concentrate: You can do more in 10 minutes of focused practice than in an hour of sighing and moaning. This means no video games, no television, no radio, just sitting still and working…. Concentrated effort takes practice too, especially for young people.
  1. Relax and practice slowly: Take your time; donʼt rush through things. Whenever you set out to learn something new – practicing scales, multiplication tables, verb tenses in Spanish – you need to start slowly and build up speed.
  1. Practice hard things longer: Donʼt be afraid of confronting your inadequacies; spend more time practicing what you canʼt do…. Successful practice means coming face to face with your shortcomings. Donʼt be discouraged; youʼll get it eventually.
  1. Practice with expression: Every day you walk around making yourself into “you,” so do everything with the proper attitude…. Express your “style” through how you do what you do.
  1. Learn from your mistakes: None of us are perfect, but donʼt be too hard on yourself. If you drop a touchdown pass, or strike out to end the game, itʼs not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, analyze what went wrong and keep going….
  1. Donʼt show off: Itʼs hard to resist showing off when you can do something well…. But my father told me, “Son, those who play for applause, thatʼs all they get.” When you get caught up in doing the tricky stuff, youʼre just cheating yourself and your audience.
  1. Think for yourself: Your success or failure at anything ultimately depends on your ability to solve problems, so donʼt become a robot…. Thinking for yourself helps develop your powers of judgment.
  1. Be optimistic: Optimism helps you get over your mistakes and go on to do better. It also gives you endurance because having a positive attitude makes you feel that something great is always about to happen.
  1. Look for connections: If you develop the discipline it takes to become good at something, that discipline will help you in whatever else you do…. The more you discover the relationships between things that at first seem different, the larger your world becomes. In other words, the woodshed can open up a whole world of possibilities.
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NZ Soft Tip Team to be Entered in 2017 Phoenix Summer Festival, Seoul, Korea

Divine League – Road to Summer Festival 2017

Wanted !
Extraordinary team to represent NZ at the Phoenix Summer Festival 2017 in Seoul, Korea. (8th-9th July, 2017)
4 Incredible players (At least one female player.)

ONE team per Phoenix machine with minimum of 4 players.
$200 per team entry fee.

Play starts on 13th April 2017 at 7pm.
Last entry on 10th April 2017 at 7pm.

If you are interested to join this battle, please fill in the application form and return to us ( asap, as we can only accept limited number of teams!!

Proudly sponsored by Hong Kong Airlines, Manukau Dart Supplies, Croftfield Law.