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On Fire And On His Way To Frankfurt

Since January 1st 2017 Cody Harris has won one DPNZ Harrows Grand Prix, The Old Bank Classic, the North Island Masters, 3 Mad On Darts Tour singles events, 5 Dart Players Australia singles events and thrown a competition 9 darter. The man is on fire. I wonder if he can walk on water or better still turn water into wine. In June he heads with team mate Rob Szabo to represent NZ in the PDC World Cup. His second appearance at that event. This pond has got too small for his talent. If he played in the PDC Q school I have no doubt he would get a tour card and become NZ’s first professional dart player. With the card will come the opportunity of sponsorship and other help to get him around the tour. That interest in him and opportunity could begin with a good performance at the World Cup. With Rob Szabo he has got a very experienced international player as a team mate so anything is possible. Come on the Kiwis.

2 thoughts on “On Fire And On His Way To Frankfurt

  1. Go for it Cody make the most of the opportunity. Cheers

  2. Awesome stuff Cody, keep it up!!

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