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NZ’ers overseas: Koha Kokiri wins Dartplayers Australia Qualifier to Play in Melbourne Grand Prix

Congratulations to kiwi, Koha Kokiri winning the Final Melbourne Darts Masters Qualifier at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club in NSW held on Monday 31st July 2017.

Koha Kokiri 6-5 Rob Modra

Final 4
Robbie King 0-6 Koha Kokiri
Rob Modra 6-4 Tic Bridge

Final 8
Shane Wolter 3-6 Robbie King
Russell Stewart 2-6 Koha Kokiri
Sean Hekfenschen 5-6 Rob Modra
Steve Fitzpatrick 3-6 Tic Bridge

Photo and results courtesy of Dart Players Australia.

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Cody Harris Wins Top Shot Darts Massive Mini Singles at Te Puna

Cody Harris of Auckland defeated Darren Herewini in the final of the Top Shot Darts Bar Massive Mini Singles yesterday at Te Puna. There were 50 entries and 33 qualifiers.

A feature of the day was Wendy Harper receiving $500 from the Top Shot Darts Trust to assist her in playing for the North Island team at Dubbo later this year. The trust has previously helped Judy Fenton when she represented NZ in England last year. Money is available to representative players who apply and is paid depending on what funds may or may not be available. Any profits from this Massive Mini weekend will go into the trust fund. Players and businesses local and from afar were very generous in donating money and other items for raffles and prizes to the Top Shot bar Darts section to make this event possible. One feature being the underwriting of a $500 prize for any player to hit a nine darter. None were hit but the $500 is rolling over to the club’s annual November event the Western Bay Singles.

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Daily Mail: Darts Set For Olympics

Darts set for the Olympics as Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson back bid for place in the next decade

  • World Darts Federation is in the second stage of becoming a ‘recognised sport’ 
  • Darts could feature at the 2024 Olympics, although 2028 is more likely date
  • World champions Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson are backing the bid

Darts is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport with its world governing body ticking the boxes with the International Olympic Committee.

The World Darts Federation have told Sportsmail they are in the second stage of becoming a ‘recognised sport’ with the IOC – a requirement to get to the Games.

The WDF are compliant with the Olympic charter and World Anti-Doping Code, and are slowly but surely pressing forward with the process.

World champions Michael van Gerwen (above) and Gary Anderson are backing the bid

World champions Michael van Gerwen (above) and Gary Anderson are backing the bid

Once successful, they would then be able to apply to be part of the Olympic programme. While it is too late for Tokyo 2020, the 2024 Olympics is still open, though 2028 is likelier.

Those at the top of the sport are in support of its bid, including Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson, though there are bound to be naysayers.

There has long been the debate of whether darts is a sport, with it now well known for its boozed-up crowds and glamorous walk-on girls at the Alexandra Palace every Christmas.

‘The WDF are in the process of Olympic recognition,’ WDF president Bill Hatter confirmed.

‘We are also a member of the Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF, formerly known as SportAccord) and the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS), as well as compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.

‘The WDF attends meetings for WADA, GAISF and AIMS and we are a member of the Olympic family, albeit not yet a recognised sport.

The World Darts Federation is in the second stage of becoming a ‘recognised sport’

The World Darts Federation is in the second stage of becoming a ‘recognised sport’

‘As far as the Olympic recognition process goes. We are in the second level of our application and are moving forward slowly with this process.’

The documents that have to be completed to be considered a recognised sport by the IOC have been described as ‘comprehensive and rigorous’ and ‘extremely deep and technical’ by those dealing with them.

It is through this same process that surfing, skateboarding, karate and baseball were added to Tokyo 2020. The idea is that these sports – all popular in Japan – will add to the legacy of those Games and this is taken into consideration when the IOC add to their programme.

Sportsmail has seen a letter from Stephan Fox – the AIMS president and GAISF vice president – that was sent to the WDF, confirming it as a ‘recognised sport and active member’ to them.

AIMS and GAISF are umbrella organisations recognised by the IOC. A spokesperson for the former said: ‘AIMS services its members in providing assistance in the IOC application using its resources and experience.’ WADA also confirmed that the WDF is governed by its code.


Two-time world champion Gary Anderson was asked about this topic in January and The Flying Scotsman told Sportsmail: ‘Is shooting a sport? I think darts is, because you have got to hit a target 8ft away and you’re working to millimetres.

‘I do think it is a sport. It is the same as archery. If you play darts out there at the Ally Pally I don’t think there is an Olympic stadium that will come close to that. Show me a sport in the Olympics that gets half as loud in the crowd, I don’t think you will find one.

‘We are up there performing in front of these crowds. The money that is involved with darts, snooker, football, we are tested all the time, which is good. It keeps us clean and happy.

‘Anything where you are playing for prize money I am a great supporter of drug testing.’

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Deon Toki Wins in Whangarei

Deon Toki of Auckland defeated Brian Steed of the Far North in the final of the Landmark Homes Taniwha Darts Association Mid Winter Christmas Tournament held yesterday at Tikipunga, Whangarei. There were 50 entries. The final eight were  Brian Steed vs Rocky Manga .Pete Herewini vs James Miller , Mick Lacey vs Hukenui Brown , Deon Toki vs Cyndric Joyce. I have not been able to source the full results but Brian Steed defeated Rocky Manga and then Mick Lacey to get to the final Mick Lacey having defeated Hukenui Brown. Deon Toki defeated Cyndric Joyce and then either Peter Herewini or James Miller to get to the final. Information  and photo courtesy of the Taniwha Darts Association facebook page.