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DPNZ Players Group. A Message From Graeme Lowe Players Representative

As many of my darting friends know, I have been asked to take on the role of players’ representative to the DPNZ. After a few days deliberation and consultation with the tour playing group, I accepted the role. In order to save my non-darting friends and those who haven’t been involved in DPNZ events from being flooded, I have created this closed group and have added all the players I could think of who I am friends with on Facebook and who have played DPNZ events in the past year. All future posts regarding this role will go in here so please feel free to add players to the group.

In terms of what we are working on with the DPNZ, we have agreed to work on the following issues over the coming weeks and to meet in early August to agree upon solutions to those issues going forward. It is anticipated that the implementation of these solutions ought to be fairly quick, depending on what they are and the volume of work involved:

1. Recommendations are to be made as to the clean up of the DPNZ website to ensure that information important to the players and supporters is readily available, easy to find and timely. This will include archiving recommendations which will ensure both currency of information on the main pages and access to historical information as needed

2. Separate ranking tables are to be displayed for each of the following:
a. Grand Prix rankings
b. Clubs New Zealand Darts Association rankings
c. Perth Darts Masters rankings
d. Melbourne (or Sydney, as the case may be) Darts Masters rankings

3. The purpose of each rankings table and the end of season qualifications coming from each table are to be made clear and visible

4. The criteria to achieve each of the qualifications are to be made clear and visible

5. A process and method to ensure that all ranking tables are updated in a timely manner following each event

6. A process by which players may be informed of qualification for events or teams in addition to publication of the tables (eg invitations with RSVP dates to allow backfilling due to unavailability)

7. Clarity around formats for each of the events, eg Grand Prix, playoffs, etc

8. Timely publication of events and dates to allow for travel and leave planning. If not all details are locked in, then as much as is available at the time.

Whilst I expect that there may be additional issues that will need to be addressed, the above list will provide sufficient work to implement initially and, based on discussions with players, will tackle a great deal of current concerns.

Once the workshop in August has been completed and outcomes agreed, I will communicate to the playing group through the closed group or via email for those not on Facebook. Over the coming weeks I will be asking for contact details etc.

Feel free to message me if you need any clarification of the above items. Please be patient with me as I have to also hold down my real job whilst I put in some after hours work on this…and get some darts in along the way…

Happy darting!

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