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Deon Toki Wins in Whangarei

Deon Toki of Auckland defeated Brian Steed of the Far North in the final of the Landmark Homes Taniwha Darts Association Mid Winter Christmas Tournament held yesterday at Tikipunga, Whangarei. There were 50 entries. The final eight were  Brian Steed vs Rocky Manga .Pete Herewini vs James Miller , Mick Lacey vs Hukenui Brown , Deon Toki vs Cyndric Joyce. I have not been able to source the full results but Brian Steed defeated Rocky Manga and then Mick Lacey to get to the final Mick Lacey having defeated Hukenui Brown. Deon Toki defeated Cyndric Joyce and then either Peter Herewini or James Miller to get to the final. Information  and photo courtesy of the Taniwha Darts Association facebook page.

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