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Cody Harris Wins Top Shot Darts Massive Mini Singles at Te Puna

Cody Harris of Auckland defeated Darren Herewini in the final of the Top Shot Darts Bar Massive Mini Singles yesterday at Te Puna. There were 50 entries and 33 qualifiers.

A feature of the day was Wendy Harper receiving $500 from the Top Shot Darts Trust to assist her in playing for the North Island team at Dubbo later this year. The trust has previously helped Judy Fenton when she represented NZ in England last year. Money is available to representative players who apply and is paid depending on what funds may or may not be available. Any profits from this Massive Mini weekend will go into the trust fund. Players and businesses local and from afar were very generous in donating money and other items for raffles and prizes to the Top Shot bar Darts section to make this event possible. One feature being the underwriting of a $500 prize for any player to hit a nine darter. None were hit but the $500 is rolling over to the club’s annual November event the Western Bay Singles.

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