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All the Best To Stu and Tahuna

Great to see two kiwis playing in the International Pro dart series in Australia. Tahuna Irwin is playing tonight in the Brisbane tournament and Stu is playing on the 17th January in the Gold Coast tournament. I am not sure how they select the players but thought they might have given NZ at least a single representative in the other tournaments of the series as well. Considering Kiwis have a fair share of wins when they travel and play in Australia. The draw is below;

1 Andy Hamilton v Lewis Kirk
2 Johnny K v Rhys Mathewson
3 Jamie Harvey v Robbie King
4 Russell Stewart v Tic Bridge
5 Devon Peterson v Raymond O’Donnell
6 Kyle Anderson v Tahuna Irwin
7 Simon Whitlock v Lucas Cameron
8 Phil Taylor v Raymond Smith

Gold Coast
1 Jamie Harvey v Steven Macarthur
2 Russell Stewart v Brad Thorp
3 Johnny K v Robbie King
4 Andy Hamilton v Gg Mathers
5 Devon Peterson v Lucas Cameron
6 Kyle Anderson v Rhys Mathewson
7 Simon Whitlock v Stuart Leach
8 Phil Taylor v Tic Bridge

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