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Stats From Cash Converters Players Championship Finals 2017


This article is for you duffel coat wearing trainspotters who  like statistics. I never really liked the way they are usually compiled with the three dart average.The double percentage I find interesting so going along those lines I created just an accuracy statistic. It is a slightly different way to measure performance in relation to the other player than the three dart average.

The accuracy statistic is the number of darts thrown divided by the number that hit the intended target and divided by 100 to give an accuracy percentage. For example in this match where Dave Chisnall played Michael Van Gerwen and lost 9 to 3 his accuracy percentage is 42%.  That means he was playing at a level where 42 darts out of a 100 thrown hit the target. Michael Van Gerwen’s accuracy statistic was 52% or you could say 52 darts out of  every 100 thrown hit the target. That target might be a treble, double, single or bull.

Some other stats below;

MVG winning legs 13,18,13,18,10,13,10,15,13,14 and 11. ( 3 dart average 108.34)

MVG darts thrown 187. Darts to hit target 97. 187  divided  by 97 = 1.927. 100 divided by 1.927 = 52% accuracy.

Chisnall winning legs 15,13 and 17 ( 3 dart average 99.24)

Chisnall darts thrown 189. Darts to hit target 79. 189/79 = 2.392. 100/2.392 = 42% accuracy.

You could say that MVG over the course of the match hit the target 97 – 79 = 18 more times than Chisnall did. They played 12 legs so on average Michael hit the target 18/12 1.5 times more per leg than Chisnall did. Per leg over the course of a match that is a big difference.

If you read this far you definitely own a duffel coat.



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The Old Bank Super Classic, 17 and 18 February 2017, Timaru


This event is shaping up to be quite awesome and  I predict will be a must play in event for New Zealand’s top players in future years. It has been very well organised and I know it is going to be very enjoyable for all the  spectators. It is to be held in the Bay Hall which seats about 400. Corporate tables for $1200 that seat ten and go for the two nights are being sold fast. Each table for the $1200 is going to receive more than that worth in food, beer and wine in  which is terrific value. If you want one you need to contact Neville Herbert at 027 2027323 or 036883040. Any extra money made above costs and prize money is going into the next event when held in 2018. All participating players will receive prize money whether you make the final or are knocked out in the first round. I have had a whisper what the prize money is and it is pretty good. I wish I was playing.The people behind the event are doing this to support the players and promote darts in the South Island and for no other reason.

Invited players are Craig Caldwell, Peter Hunt, Mark McGrath, Cody Harris, Neville Herbert, Craig Dunn and Mike Day in the men. In the ladies it is Tina Osborne, Jane Harrington, Peggy Wikaira and Judy Fenton.

The invited players will play a number of qualifiers.Some qualifying events have been held with one at Kapi Mana on January 28th still to go. Qualified so far are David Lamb, Tony Carmichael, Simon Tippett, Shannon Brown, Tahi Parata and Haupai Puha. In the ladies Mikaela Makiha, Mata Atkins and Missy Jones. In the Junior event Jack Shepherd, Kayden Milne and Dom Grinton.

I will be there as a supporter and chalker and really looking forward to being part of a great atmosphere and seeing some of NZ’s best.



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Money To Be Made In NZ Darts


There is more money to be won in New Zealand Darts now than I can remember in a long time. The opportunity is there with  the prize money offered in New Zealand Dart Council events,  the Mad On Darts tour, the Western Bay Singles, Clubs NZ Island and Nationals tournaments and Dart Players NZ Grand Prix circuit. If you were a male player good enough to win  all the singles events then  you would make close to 30 thousand dollars.

The Mad on Darts tour have 10 singles events with a $1000 first prize to give $10,000. The New Zealand Dart Council offer 11 open singles events with an average of about $900 which is  $9,900, the Western Bay singles offer $3000 first prize and Dart Players New Zealand offer 8 Grand Prix singles at $500 to make $4000, Club NZ Nationals and Islands singles events might add another $1600. It all comes to $28,500. Throw in all the pairs and mixed pair titles and few of the exhibition type events like the Bank Classic and potential earnings for someone who never lost would be between $40 and $50 thousand dollars. Expenses with travel, accommodation and entry fees would probably chew through half.

Of course winning events opens the door to international opportunities which in turn pays more again.

The money in the womens events is probably half. A good lady player who won everything should go past $10,000 and might get to $20,000 before expenses.

It might be interesting to work out which NZ male and NZ female player in any given year won the most money.



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PDC World Championship Draw For NZ


This year Warren Parry will make his fourth appearance at a PDC world darts championship when he plays in the preliminary round against Jerry Hendriks on Friday December 16th. He if he wins he will go onto play world number 3 Peter Wright later that same evening in the first game of the main round. No New Zealander has ever won the first game in the main round so if Warren can beat Wright he will make history for NZ darts.

Warren’s other appearances have been in;

2006 where he lost to Mark Walsh 3 – 0 in the first round.

2008 where he lost to Alex Roy 3 – 2 in the first round.

2010 where he lost to Raymond van Barneveld 3 – 0 in the first round.

Warren has won more world and NZ ranked tournaments staged in NZ than any other male NZ player. Internationally amongst other things he has come runner up in a World Cup singles and beaten world number 1 Michael Van Gerwen at the Sydney masters.

The TAB are offering $501 for every dollar bet on Warren if he wins the World Championship. Most pundits do not expect him to get past Wright in that first round.

At his very best he could win that match but he has to be at his very best.