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TV Times To Watch Warren Parry Play

Warren Parry is playing the dutch player Jerry Hendricks at about 8am Saturday morning, 17 December 2016 on Skysport 2. Other people have posted 7am. I am relying on Skywatch magazine and the TAB cut off time for betting to give you 8am so I hope I am right.

Jerry Hendricks is a dutch player who held a PDC tour card in 2013 and 2014 but does not have one now. His best result in the PDC world championships was last 32 in 2013.

The winner gets to play Peter Wright, world number 3, later in the that same morning to get into the last 32.

Good luck Wazza you will have a lot of people watching and wishing you all the best back here in New Zealand. Make history and be the first New Zealander to get past the first game in the main round.

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Betting On PDC World Darts Championships


The PDC world Darts Championships commence in a few days and I have put a couple of bets on who might win it. The favourites are Michael Van Gerwen at $1.65 , Gary Anderson $7.00 and Phil Taylor $9.00. I have not put any money on them as the TAB are not offering much in the way of odds and also I doubt they can do it.

In Michael Van Gerwen’s case we all now how much he wants it and that desire seems to have got in his way the last two years. If he plays someone who keeps up with him and gets legs sometimes the doubt arrives and his belief  seems to falter. I picked it up when Van Barneveld beat him one year. It was in his body language. I believe if someone keeps up with him they will beat him. Not in any other event . Just this one because this is the one you need to say you truly are the top dog. He cannot say he is till he has his hand on the trophy as winner. The last two years it has been Gary Anderson and that must hurt. Your are world number one in the rankings but it means nothing because you are not World Champion.  His desire will be strong.  His ability will be there. The slight crack in his personality will be there to cause the falter if a player can just keep with him and cause that slight flickering thought in his mind that he might get knocked out again. Or he could just smash everyone and win easy.

Gary Anderson I do not believe is playing as well as he did at this time of year as he did before winning the last two World Championships. He is still good but does not seem quite as good.

There was an interview of Phil Taylor in the Guardian. I think it was the Guardian. One of the UK papers. It was about his preparation for this world championships. He has lost it. It is not that he is old it is that he thinks he is old. I read that and thought for For F**k’s Sake. Take a deep breath, pull back those shoulders and fire yourself up. Your not dead yet. His head is in the past and he is not living in the present. His mongrel, uncompromising, rub it in your face attitude is not there.

So I have my money on Peter Wright. He is good enough and from this distant his mental frame of mind to me is consistent enough to be in with a great chance. He was paying $11.00.

My rough bet is Corey Cadby.  Not for his ability  because all the players there have ability or at least some ability. My money is on him for attitude. That is always worth a punt. He is paying $151.




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LED Dartboard Lighting System For Sale






These look pretty good and seem to be the new way to go with dartboard lighting. Below is a message from the seller Barry Speirs

Hello fellow darters! 

Have I got the best present yet for your man cave, pubs or clubs!! 
This is the newest in lighting systems for your dartboard it’s called the Orbital LED Light System.
It features 12v LED lighting (you will save on power too), just the thing to keep your board from drying out and keeping your room cooler in the Summer rather than spot lights etc. which generate a lot more heat. 
The other great thing about the orbital light system that gave me the idea to make this is there are no shadows!!, this is because of the LED strip light which surrounds the inner part of the system luminating light in 360 degrees. It comes with a remote control dimmer and an on/off switch for that personal touch as well as a power adaptor and it comes in two colours Black and White.
The introductory price for this great light system is… 
$240.00 NZD + P/P

Contact details are…
Barry Speirs
C/ph. +6421840434.

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Western Districts Ladies League Champions 2016


Pictured above the Western Districts Ladies League Champions for 2016. From left to right, representing Glen Eden RSA are Colleen Curreen, Claudette Smith, Rogere Te Whero ( Captain), Sandra Mathews and Ngapine Heke. Absent are Lucinda Te Whero, Delwyn Te Purei and Angela Barr. This league is played in West Auckland and as far as I know the only ladies only league in New Zealand. It has been played for since the 1960’s I believe so could be one of the oldest leagues as well. They play on a Monday night and the men in West Auckland play in the Corban Cup on the Tuesday night. Both leagues have teams of 6 and all teams play from RSA’s.

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Stats From Cash Converters Players Championship Finals 2017


This article is for you duffel coat wearing trainspotters who  like statistics. I never really liked the way they are usually compiled with the three dart average.The double percentage I find interesting so going along those lines I created just an accuracy statistic. It is a slightly different way to measure performance in relation to the other player than the three dart average.

The accuracy statistic is the number of darts thrown divided by the number that hit the intended target and divided by 100 to give an accuracy percentage. For example in this match where Dave Chisnall played Michael Van Gerwen and lost 9 to 3 his accuracy percentage is 42%.  That means he was playing at a level where 42 darts out of a 100 thrown hit the target. Michael Van Gerwen’s accuracy statistic was 52% or you could say 52 darts out of  every 100 thrown hit the target. That target might be a treble, double, single or bull.

Some other stats below;

MVG winning legs 13,18,13,18,10,13,10,15,13,14 and 11. ( 3 dart average 108.34)

MVG darts thrown 187. Darts to hit target 97. 187  divided  by 97 = 1.927. 100 divided by 1.927 = 52% accuracy.

Chisnall winning legs 15,13 and 17 ( 3 dart average 99.24)

Chisnall darts thrown 189. Darts to hit target 79. 189/79 = 2.392. 100/2.392 = 42% accuracy.

You could say that MVG over the course of the match hit the target 97 – 79 = 18 more times than Chisnall did. They played 12 legs so on average Michael hit the target 18/12 1.5 times more per leg than Chisnall did. Per leg over the course of a match that is a big difference.

If you read this far you definitely own a duffel coat.



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The Old Bank Super Classic, 17 and 18 February 2017, Timaru


This event is shaping up to be quite awesome and  I predict will be a must play in event for New Zealand’s top players in future years. It has been very well organised and I know it is going to be very enjoyable for all the  spectators. It is to be held in the Bay Hall which seats about 400. Corporate tables for $1200 that seat ten and go for the two nights are being sold fast. Each table for the $1200 is going to receive more than that worth in food, beer and wine in  which is terrific value. If you want one you need to contact Neville Herbert at 027 2027323 or 036883040. Any extra money made above costs and prize money is going into the next event when held in 2018. All participating players will receive prize money whether you make the final or are knocked out in the first round. I have had a whisper what the prize money is and it is pretty good. I wish I was playing.The people behind the event are doing this to support the players and promote darts in the South Island and for no other reason.

Invited players are Craig Caldwell, Peter Hunt, Mark McGrath, Cody Harris, Neville Herbert, Craig Dunn and Mike Day in the men. In the ladies it is Tina Osborne, Jane Harrington, Peggy Wikaira and Judy Fenton.

The invited players will play a number of qualifiers.Some qualifying events have been held with one at Kapi Mana on January 28th still to go. Qualified so far are David Lamb, Tony Carmichael, Simon Tippett, Shannon Brown, Tahi Parata and Haupai Puha. In the ladies Mikaela Makiha, Mata Atkins and Missy Jones. In the Junior event Jack Shepherd, Kayden Milne and Dom Grinton.

I will be there as a supporter and chalker and really looking forward to being part of a great atmosphere and seeing some of NZ’s best.